Start with dinner tonight. Perfectly fresh, very local, always organic.
This is healthy stuff.

Healthy for the environment too. No need for long haul shipping.

This is sustainable and year-round. New growth where it’s needed most.

Many cities have areas where healthy food is hard to find close to home.

And these same areas rarely produce healthy food.

They’re called
food deserts, which are also business deserts and job deserts.

It’s time to
grow healthy food
in the city and create new business opportunities that strengthen local communities.

Urban Organics
is making it happen
in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
But we’re not growing food with big fields
and tractors.

We don’t
even need dirt.
Our approach is rooted in the
age-old practice
of aquaponics.

In aquaponics, veggies grow in water. Actually, water with one special ingredient.


Fish waste nourishes the veggies, and the veggies keep the water clean for their finny friends.

It's self-sustaining. It’s been around for centuries. Now it’s even better.

At the heart of the Urban Organics growing process is advanced equipment from Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, a global leader in aquaculture systems and technology.

moves continuously through the closed-loop system. Happy, healthy fish raise happy, healthy veggies.

We grow a wide
variety of delicious veggies. And we do it year-round, using less than two percent
of the water used in conventional farming.

Innovative lighting keeps the operation thriving even in the darkest days of winter.

Green has never been more beautiful than when the ground is snow white.

In the land of sky
blue waters, what better place
for aquaponics
than here?

Urban Organics operates in the old Hamm’s Brewery facility in East
Saint Paul.

We’re proud to revitalize this historic city landmark that sat vacant for so long.

One of our founders, in fact, is the grandson of a former Hamm’s employee.